Version 4.1

Version 4.1 is “Released”

“Version 4.1 of what?” you maight ask. In short….. Me.

“What does that mean?” you ask. Well let me tell you. The way I see it (from a software/computer background), life is lived in stages (versions.) I figure that each stage can be broken into decades and each year is the minor revision dates. So following this logic, the release of Version 4.1 means that I am now 41 years old.

My goal is to connect, learn, and share with other Twitter users, so I will be tweeting more regulary to give updates as to the progress of this experiment. Why? I believe Twitter is a great way for busy people to communicate, quickly and concisely┬á– you’ve only got 140 characters!

A Bit of Back Story
I’ve been a lurker on Twitter for a few years and I’ve been reluctant to comment on anything or share my own information – mainly out of fear of being taken out of context or offending anyone. The strange thing about Version 4.1 is that I have noticed as the versions develop, this no longer matters. You either like the content (me) or you don’t. You either see value, or you don’t. I hope you do, of course, but it’s okay if we don’t agree.
All of my life, I have been socially awkward. I was an only child and had severe asthma which kept me mostly indoors. There were only two other kids in my neighborhood and I think it was difficult for them to understand my eccentric atitudes. As a result, my shyness made me insecure about being accepted.
Since I’ve always stood back and watched others, I have learned a lot about human behaviour and why people do what they do. I have learned that, although there are all kinds of people, we all have something in common: the need for acceptance for who we are without being judged. So, going full circle, I plan to begin commenting and sharing more on Twitter. I have a lot to share and a lot to learn from others.
To be sure, I can’t tell you what topic I’ll be talking about on any given day. I have “shiny object syndrome” and I find everything interesting; I haven’t decided if this is a curse or not. Whatever it is, I’m not going to fight it anymore. I will work it to my advantage and everyday, I will:

  • write an article about something I learned
  • tweet a random idea
  • comment on someone else’s tweet
  • share a site that I found useful
  • write a review for a product I have used
  • write a tutorial or answer questions

If you find any of my information useful, please share it. If not, that’s ok too. A big part of this Version 4.1 experiment is for me to figure out who I am to myself. Over the past few years, I have learned much from other internet stars by sitting back and watching. It is time for me to emerge from the shadows and join the party.

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