Version 4.1 Bug Report

So if you remember, Version 4.1 of my life (41 years old) was supposed to be full of excitement and progress. I was going to try and write weekly updates and articles of every subject imaginable.
This did not happen. At all.

Instead, I was hit with a spell of depression, transferred to a different campus (I work for a hospital system), pulled a ligament in my leg, got diagnosed with gout, and I think that’s quite enough. No more please. With all of these issues going on, I did not have the drive to work on anything else other than simple day to day life struggles. I took the time to reflect on where I was, where I wanted to be, and what I needed to do to get there. All I was looking for now was a simple sense of peace.

It turns out that being transferred was the best thing that could have happened to me at that point. The new work area is quite expansive – I average 5 miles walking distance every day. Going from maybe walking a mile a day to walking 5 a day….. wow! That is what blew my ligament and sent me to desk duty for a few weeks – which was also great! I’ll explain why in a moment. I have to address the gout for a moment. Gout sucks. There…. now on with the story.

My desk duty consisted of help desk analyst work where I was able to remotely help customers with their various computer problems. It was here that I began to have an understanding of just how much information I had gathered over the previous 14 years of computer related repair and service.

I was soon able to return to full duty and began my daily 5 mile hike around the hospital. I met many new people and ran into some familiar faces from other hospitals along the way. I began looking at this new opportunity as exactly that, a new opportunity. Every time a new problem came up that I knew nothing about, I tried to get out in front of it and come up with a solution. I have always tried to analyze a process and come up with an alternate method for gaining better results. In Healthcare IT, finding solutions producing better results means providing better workflow for our doctors and nurses which means better healthcare for our patients.

It was the transfer that opened me up to new opportunities and laid the ground work for my mental reset. Every opportunity, bad or good, can be looked at in a positive light. Embrace it and make it your own by giving yourself to it completely. I promise* good things will come.

*Disclaiimer: Promises made over the internet are non-binding. 😉