Niall Doherty

Why I follow Niall Doherty

I only recently discovered this guy through a tweet of an older blog post of his in which expounds upon the importance of not missing people. It isn’t as crazy as it may initially sound; in fact, it may help improve your life to an extent. Definitely a post for the younger, unmarried crowd to contemplate, but a fascinating topic.

Unfortunately, I discovered this blog a little too late. Niall was living in New Orleans from 2007 to 2010 and I would have loved to have met him. Anyone who would move to a city based upon his love for the New Orleans Hornets, wow… I’m just not sure how to finish that one!

I see Niall as one part of  a rebirth of an old class of people – the renaissance man (or person, if your are so inclined!) I can definitetly respect and admire anyone who has such a passion for life and everything that it has to offer. A person such as this has the ability to remake themselves everyday, to learn new skills and have new experiences and to have a full life.

Learn more about Niall and his travels at his website: Disrupting the Rabblement