My Quiet Place

Life’s daily distractions can certainly overwhelm you quickly. From getting the kids up, dressed, and to the bus stop to battling work force traffic, you can become stressed out before the day has barely begun. Once you get to work, you have clients, customers, projects, and emails that seem to all demand your attention at the same time. Technology and the expectation of immediate gratification in the Internet age don’t help much either. It really is no wonder how our society has become dependent on antidepressants and anxiety medication to make it through the day. I must confess that I have considered talking with my doctor about prescription options myself.

But is there another way? Maybe. As I sit here writing this on my lunch break in my “quiet” place, I try to block out all of the noise and allow the soft, cool breeze strip away my negative energy. I also try to convert any negative thoughts and stresses into something positive that can possibly help someone else. Thus, we have this post.

My "Quiet" Place

My “Quiet” Place

As you can imagine, trying to relax or write while sitting next to a busy highway is arguably insane. There’s the constant drone of traffic and the rumble of 18 wheelers, but it hasn’t really been so bad. I’ve just basically been having a conversation with a piece of paper, similar to what I would have had with myself anyway. Think of it like a stream of consciousness dump which, for me, is kind of scary. What kind of craziness will spew forth from my mind and onto paper?

Part of the whole goal of this exercise for me is to get in the habit of writing everyday. I have a goal of at least 1000 words per day and I intend to use my “quiet” place to do it. My topics will probably vary wildly from day to day, but I’ll try to keep them focused – at least for the duration of the article. I have several special subject domains that I need content for, so I have lots of material to come up with. Now I stated that I would write at least 1000 words a day, but that can be broken into several different articles when needed. Some topics don’t need the magnitude of information that others will and I don’t want to create unnecessary fluff just to get a word count. If it’s not useful, it’s not going in.

And yes, I know. This post is not even close to 1000 words.