Derren Brown

Why I follow Derren Brown

A mentalist who hails from the U.K., Derren Brown’s work is absolutely fascinating. He has studied people to such a degree that he can tell you what you are thinking before you can. He can hypnotize an entire mall of customers with only the power of his voice. Derren would make the perfect salesman if he were not so well known!

I was always very shy as a kid. I did not talk much, but I watched people and was fascinated by their behavior. Not watching in a creepy way, but more of a National Geographic way, if that makes any sense. Also, having asthma kept me out of playing any sports, so I would usually hang out on the sidelines with the girls. (I had my priorities straight at least.) The only fatal flaw with this plan is that, although I became “a great listener”, I also became “too good of a friend to date.” ¬†Bollocks!

Anyway, back to Derren. He is incredibly adept at deconstructing human nature and having a bit of fun with it. Definitely one of the top people I would like to meet – although I would perhaps be a bit concerned at the same time!

Enjoy more of this mad genius’ art here: Derren Brown